About Me

Autumn day in Funda-in

A sunny autumn day at Funda-in (芬陀院)

I am Jenny Feuerpeil, and I have spent 3 years working in Japan and many more years studying Japanese gardens.

In spring 2014, I worked for 90 days as an apprentice in the gardens of Kyoto. This blog covers my journey behind the scenes of the traditional Japanese gardens of Kyoto.

My life before that:

After quitting my job at a global IT company to study garden design in London, UK and found my own garden design label Dendron Exterior Design, I developed an interest in Japanese gardens and design.

In April 2010 I embarked on an apprenticeship program and worked in a Japanese garden maintenance company in Saitama near Tokyo for 11 months. In 2012, I unexpectedly stumbled upon my dream job. Together with garden designer Keizo Hayano we built Real Japanese Gardens, a website that introduces more than 90 Japanese gardens in Tokyo, Kyoto and Kamakura to Japan visitors and residents.

In November 2012 and May 2013, I gave two PechaKucha presentations about:

  1. what one can learn from Japanese gardens
  2. what I had learnt as a designer from Japanese gardens

I currently live in Cambridge, MA with my family.

Receive updates on my instagram and facebook page.

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