Day 89 – Kyoto has a new garden

The last day of my trip. On Sunday night we finished the tsuboniwa at the Mamezen Ramen shop in Kyoto (豆禅). I woke up early this morning to take some pictures of the garden - here is one of them, there are more to come:   Mamezen owner and Yuba-Ramen chef Minoru Yonekawa:   The … Continue reading Day 89 – Kyoto has a new garden

Day 38 – The cutest bamboo fence I have ever seen – Yotsumegaki (よツ目垣)

Everything in Japan has a kawaii version, I guess. This is a miniature version of the popular Yotsume-gaki bamboo fence and it is used to mark a water faucet. I have to add this to our Real Japanese garden e-Book about bamboo fences.

Day 37 – A dream comes true –

  Putting in extra hours after work to make a dream come true: Will probably build a small tsuboniwa garden (190x220cm) for my favorite Kyoto restaurant Mamezen with a colleague and a friend of his. Here are some ideas from the on-site visit yesterday: