Kaki-Shibu – 柿渋

I love Kyoto because it is the center for traditional craftsmanship in Japan. Over centuries, emperors, shoguns, religious and political leaders and tradesmen have lived here in beautiful houses and gardens, have held sophisticated parties and indulged in lavish banquets. They have invested in the beauty of Japan – sophisticated craftsmanship, a sense for balance … Continue reading Kaki-Shibu – 柿渋

Book review – A Guide to The Gardens of Kyoto

A Japanese garden guide by Marc Treib and Ron Herman Must-Have-Level: 6/7, I wouldn't want to miss it on my desk or when out exploring. Audience: First-time visitors to Kyoto (if they love gardens and explore on their own), students of Japanese garden culture and seasoned Japanese garden veterans. Character: "Serious Japanese garden book" – no dreamy … Continue reading Book review – A Guide to The Gardens of Kyoto