Onigawara – Japanese roof tiles at Toji-in temple in Kyoto

When I left the temple, I saw a lot of Japanese roof tiles (kawara 瓦), ornamental end pieces and ogre tiles called onigawara (鬼瓦) arranged on the ground under a tree. The temple just underwent major restoration work and the tiles were probably stored/exhibited there. The first thing that caught my eye was a row … Continue reading Onigawara – Japanese roof tiles at Toji-in temple in Kyoto

Day 1 – Simple flower arrangement at Toji-in (等持院)

Day 1 – Texture

Japanese work days start early - very early. By 7:15 usually all the trucks have left the company and are on the way to the genba (現場 - another word that is not easily translated - it means scene, site, the place where stuff happens - in other terms: construction site for gardens). I arrived … Continue reading Day 1 – Texture

Day 15 – my favorite temple Obai-in (黄梅院)

Update: I wanted to say hi to my favorite temple in Kyoto. Since taking pictures is not allowed, I sat down and sketched the sanzon-seki stone arrangement. It is pretty cold today and I am warming up with a coffee and canele at Cafe du Mon next to the temple.