Part 3 – Japanese Gardening Tools Adult Coloring Pages

Black-and-White coloring sheet with Japanese garden tools, Part 3

PDF - Japanese Gardening Tools 3 Adult Coloring Book - 90 Days in Kyoto Part 3 of the Japanese Gardening Tools Adult Coloring Pages is ready for you to color! This part features sharp tools - a Nata hatchet, Kama sickle and my favourite Japanese pruning shears, the red-and-white Okatsuna secateurs (sentei-basami). I have omitted … Continue reading Part 3 – Japanese Gardening Tools Adult Coloring Pages

Part 1 – Coloring Japanese Garden Tools & Gear

Get all you non-colors out and enjoy coloring this overview of Japanese Gardening Tools: Download the coloring page as PDF here: Japanese Gardening Tools 1 Coloring Book - 90 Days in Kyoto  Jika-tabi (地下足袋)- classic Japanese gardener gear - soft rubber-soled cotton boots with metal kohaze clips to adjust individually to your calfs Tekkou (手甲) … Continue reading Part 1 – Coloring Japanese Garden Tools & Gear

My Japanese Nata (鉈) – pride, joy and pain

Japanese gardeners and craftsmen take special pride in (and extra care of) their tools - and I begin to understand why.

Back in San Francisco – Continuing my Japanese training (self-conducted)

I have returned safely to San Francisco and settled back in to my so-called normal life. To continue my Japanese garden training here, I volunteer at the Hakone Gardens in Saratoga, the oldest Japanese garden & estate in the western hemisphere.

Declared goal: Pack light

I will test-pack today. I started to aim for minimalism when I first moved to Japan in 2010. We cleared out our flat, so everything except for very few precious memories had to go. I freecycled a lot in preparation for the trip. Since then moving countries and homes kept me from accumulating a lot of … Continue reading Declared goal: Pack light

Learning by Copying – how I met my Mr. Miyagi

In December last year, I found myself in San Francisco's Japan Town, walking towards my car with a stack of Japanese garden plans under my arm. What had just happened? I did not know… 40 minutes earlier – I enter the office of Y-san. It instantly takes me back to Japan. Fluorescent lighting, old gift … Continue reading Learning by Copying – how I met my Mr. Miyagi

Sandboxing with polymeric sand

Polymeric sand - the setup

So I ordered this table top sand box – in order to better understand the spatial dimensions of Japanese gardens. I do not want to copy single Japanese garden in minute detail, but rather understand how the proportions and dimensions of the design work. I also use them to better understand the levels of an … Continue reading Sandboxing with polymeric sand