Day 14 – My Jika-Tabi (地下足袋)

I am quite proud of my jika-tabi (地下足袋), the traditional Japanese shoes that fit like gloves on the feet. They are made of blue or black cotton, have a thin rubber sole and close in the back with metal tabs. Sometimes visitors approach me and say: かっこいいでしょう、地下足袋。。。 These look cool, these jika-tabi, right? And I can answer: Yes, I think so too.

My Jika-Tabi (地下足袋)

My Jika-Tabi (地下足袋)

By the way: The traditional color of gardeners in Japan is a dark blue with a touch of purple. This color is called kon-iro, with iro meaning color. Here is the link to a google picture search:

So my work trousers and a long-sleeve shirt are blue, and my neckscarf has also some blue in it. Lucky me that blue is my favorite color anyway.

One thought on “Day 14 – My Jika-Tabi (地下足袋)

  1. Allo,
    can you tell me where you purchased those wonderful Jika-tabi ?
    I ‘m in Kyoto now and my girlfriend would like to have some…


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